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  • Viola - 100% (Academista)

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  • 01.09.2018 - 01.07.2019

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  • During the academy course, which starts in September 2018, the academists play in up to twelve programs of the orchestra under the guidance of mentors from the orchestra. In addition, the academists attend private lessons given by the principals, and they play chamber music with fellow academists and members of the orchestra. They participate in various workshops such as auditioning, educational activities and mental training, and they are offered classes in different movement and posture trainings including Alexander Technique. The academists receive RCO Academy certificates on successful completion of the course.

    The academy of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra offers each participant a stipend of € 1.100,- per month
    (€ 600,00 gross (taxable) compensation and up to € 500,00 tax free housing allowance). We require all participants to be present in the Netherlands for the full season (September 2018 through June 2019) and to participate in all activities offered. The academists are responsible for obtaining their health insurance and their housing in Amsterdam.

    Who can apply? Musicians who:
    • were born on or after 1 September 1991 and
    • preferably have a Bachelor’s degree or are studying for a Master’s degree and
    • are citizens of the European Union, Norway or Switzerland.

    The orchestra strongly recommends uploading a video (own choice piece) with good sound quality.

  • Obras obligatorias

  • Stamitz or Hoffmeister Viola Concert : exposition first movement.

  • Obras opcionales

  • First movement of concert by Bartok or Walton or Hindemith
    or first and Vivace( No 1,3) or Allegretto (No 2 ) movement of a Suite for viola solo by Reger.

  • Edad límite

  • 26 años

  • Documentos requeridos

  • DNI o pasaporte escaneado.