2. Violine tutti Akademie, bis 15 Dienste/Monat (1)

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  • 2. Violine tutti - Akademie, bis 15 Dienste/Monat (Academista)

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  • 1

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  • Academista

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  • 18.03.2018

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  • Kurt-Sanderling-Academy of the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin
    *Ardian Konzerthaus Scholarship Program*

    The one year training at Konzerthaus Berlin occurs by participating in rehearsals, recordings and concerts – on average 15 services per month – as well as one-to-one tutoring with a mentor providing also an introduction to the musical tradition of the Konzerthaus Orchestra.
    Moreover the participants receive audition training and mental training. They could also be involved in concert tours and film shoots, help organise junior- and sponsorship projects, and join in when the Konzerthaus Orchestra captivates audiences outside the concert hall at special events.

    The scholarship position will be granted for one year to young talents from all over the world with limited financial resources. This program is especially created for Non-German residents/citizens (German citizens can still apply for the regular scholarships at the orchestra academy of the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin).

    Please find a detailed info brochure about the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin and the requirements in the uploaded documents available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Audición/es

  • No publicada

  • Video-solicitudes

  • La orquesta sólo acepta solicitudes que incluyan vídeos (obligatorio). Sólo para la preselección. No sustituye en ningún caso la audición presencial.
    The video recording is obligatory and replaces the first round of the audition process, so please ensure a good video quality. Invitations for the live-audition (2nd round) will be send out in the beginning of April 2018. A travel stipend to the audition can be provided.

  • Obras obligatorias

  • 1. W.A. Mozart – 1st movement with cadenza of concerto K211, 216, 218 or 219
    2. W.A. Mozart - 2nd movement (only first solo passage) of concerto K211, 216, 218 or 219
    3. A romantic concerto (1st movement) OR a romantic piece of your choice

  • Repertorio orquestal

  • Please record both orchestral excerpts:

    W. A. Mozart – Symphony No. 39 E flat, 4th mvt. (beginning to bar 104 - 1. Violin)
    Bruckner – 9. Symphony, 3rd mvt. (bar 57-64 and 129 – 138 – 2. Violin)

  • Edad límite

  • 27 años

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    Número de DNI o pasaporte.