About muv.ac

About muv.ac

What muv.ac can do for Orchestras

muv.ac turns the conventional way to manage orchestra vacancies upside down. The whole process has been radically streamlined to make your work much more easy. Publish vacancies directly without any intermediaries, watch the applications drop in without any additional work, distribute the CVs to designated members of your orchestra for reviewing, send out the invitations and rejections with few clicks and download all necessary documents to run the audition. In the end, you will save a tremendous amount of time, money and stress.


Only you control the process from A to Z and are completely independent in making decisions.


Piles of paper applications and manual sorting are finally a thing of the past


The software was not build for computer nerds and we think a manual is not necessary.


muv.ac speaks 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and French.

How does it work?

  • 1. The orchestra publishes a vacancy

    The orchestra office enters all details needed (such us seat / chair, description of position, job share, publication time etc.) and publishes the vacancy. The ad is now publicly visible and can be edited any time. The next day, all registered candidates registered with the instrument will be automatically informed about the new vacancy via e-mail.

  • 2. Candidates apply directly online

    Candidates can now apply for the vacancy. Both parties receive a confirmation of the application via e-mail and the orchestra office is granted a permission to see the candidate’s CV.

  • 3. Applications review by orchestra members (optional)

    Once the application deadline is over, the orchestra office starts the review process by selecting the orchestra members that have to review the applications (instrument groups, conductor etc.). The review process takes place online and is exactly the same for all the reviewers to ensure that all candidates are treated equal. The review process is optional and adapts itself to the review process of the orchestra.

  • 4. The orchestra office sends out the invitations and rejections

    Based on the outcome of the review process, the orchestra office sends the invitations and rejections with a few clicks. Invited candidates automatically receive all relevant information for the audition.

  • 5. Invited candidates confirm their participation

    Invited candidates confirm their participation in the audition directly via muv.ac until the deadline set by the orchestra. In this step candidates also enter important information such as the optional piece(s) or which pianist he or she would like to play with.

  • 6. The orchestra office prints all necessary documents to run the audition

    muv.ac automatically generates all documents necessary to run the audition, such as the jury list with the candidates’ CVs, a list for the orchestra assistant, for the pianist and others.


Permanent / Temporary

250€ / audition
+VAT where applicable

Includes 90 days of publication + the whole organization of your audition.

Youth Orchestra / Internship / Academy

200€ / audition
+VAT where applicable

Includes 90 days of publication + the whole organization of your audition.

Would you like to extend your publication time?

No problem. After the included period of 90 days, you only pay for each additional day. Not a day longer. Of course, all services provided by muv.ac are already included.

Each additional publication day

2€ / day
+VAT where applicable

Would you like to organize auditions in multiple cities?

Perfect, muv.ac is prepared and offers you the easiest way to organize auditions in multiple cities. You will be amazed about how much work muv.ac saves you. Please contact us in case you got questions.

Each additional city

50€ / city
+VAT where applicable

Start working with muv.ac today

We know that you might ask yourself a lot of questions such as “Does it really work?", “Is it easy to use?", “Will it really help me?” or “Will the musicians of my orchestra work with muv.ac?”. To all those questions of course we say “Yes”, but you shouldn’t take our word for granted. It’s much better if you try muv.ac and answer all those questions yourself. With muv.ac you only pay for what you use and there are no long term contracts or annual fees. No strings attached.

Anyway, we are confident about our product and we’d like to make your decision as easy as possible, so we offer you this deal: Organize your first audition with muv.ac (from publication to execution) and if you didn’t like it, you don't have to pay anything.

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