About muv.ac

About muv.ac

What muv.ac can do for Musicians

muv.ac turns the conventional way to apply for orchestra vacancies upside down. The whole process has been radically streamlined to make the application much more easy. Register on muv.ac, enter your CV and wait for new vacancies to be published. We will inform you about opportunities the moment they become available. Then, you simply apply with a click on a button, that's it. With muv.ac, you can concentrate on what's really important: practicing. Your account is set up in a few minutes! Sign up now and learn how muv.ac helps you save money, stress and time.

The benefits in a nutshell
Apply for vacancies worldwide with only one click.
Automatically receive updates the moment a new vacancy becomes available.
Manage your CV, pictures and documents online and update them when something new has happened in your career.
Always be up-to-date about your application status.
Know instantly if you are invited and receive all the information you need.
Confirm your participation with one click.
Forget all this
Forget to pay any money to be informed.
Forget to spend time to keep your resume updated in different languages.
Forget the uncertainty that your application did not reach the orchestra. And forget not to know if you are invited or not?
Forget to spend money for printing and postage.
Forget to calculate the time your application takes to arrive in time.
Forget the time and your cost for having to confirm your participation.

muv.ac is free of charge for musicians and always will be. No strings attached.

Some of the orchestras which are using muv.ac