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  • Principal Double Bass - 100% (Fest)

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  • Video recording accepted

    In case you missed the chance to apply for the audition in Munich or you didn't apply because you are not able to attend a live filming session arranged by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich you may submit a video recording.

    After the filmed materials are reviewed, live auditions will be held in Doha beginning of September.

    Recordings will only be accepted with the following conditions:
    - The Recording must be of professional quality and made in one session
    - Content to be exactly as per requirements and set list of orchestral excerpts. Please note that failure to adhere to the requirements may result in disqualification.
    - While recording, make sure nothing is obstructing you or your instrument.
    - Candidates are advised to check the playback quality of their recording before sending. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the audio.
    - Recording Engineer or witness to confirm in writing that the recording is unedited and is a true and honest representation of the candidates playing.
    - Orchestral excerpts to be recorded in an order free of your choice and in one continuous take
    - Each required solo repertoire piece must be performed as an entire piece with piano accompaniment
    - You may replay a section of the required material in the same take, if dissatisfied: however the original attempt must remain recorded
    - Your recording should be uploaded to by the closing date
    - Please ensure that you also complete and send the Recorded Audition Declaration

    It is in the applicant’s best interest to provide a video recording with superior sound recording qualities.

    The Qatar Philharmonic tunes to A443

  • Probespiel(e)

  • Nicht veröffentlicht

  • Pflichtstücke

  • 1st movement + cadenza and 2nd movement from one of the following concertos:
    K. D. von Dittersdorf, Concerto in E- major or
    J. B. Vanhal, Concerto in D-major

  • Orchesterstellen

  • Stravinsky: Pulcinella
    Verdi: Othello, IV Act (from U till the end)
    Mahler: Symphony No.1 (solo)
    Mozart: Symphony No. 40 , 1st & 4th movement
    Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, 2nd & 3rd movement