Bassoon 100% (1)

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  • Bassoon - 100% (Fest)

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  • 2nd/3rd Bassoon + Contrabassoon

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  • 1

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  • Fest

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  • 19.02.2018

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  • Bassoon tutti with main responsibility to play contrabassoon

    If you want to borrow a contrabassoon, please write us in advance.We will try to arrange so that everyone that does not bring their own instrument will have at least 15 minutes with our instrument before the second round (with contrabassoon) Our instrument is a ~25 year old heckel in good condition.

    In case of a very large number of applicants we retain the right to call only qualified applicants to the main audition.

    Others will be asked to send an unedited video or audio recording of the first movement of mozart and a few orchestra excerpts.

  • Benötigte Dokumente

  • Eingescannte Pass- oder Ausweiskopie.

    Arbeitserlaubnis (falls erforderlich)